Asia 2001 - Abduction

album pic
Release Date: November 2001

After a short break from his Dreamland album, Martin Cooper has gathered some ideas he was working on for some time, and came up with Abduction. In general, he was planing something a little more commercial, and went in a more clubby direction. He did some research, and tested some of the new material on an extended USA tour. Tracks like Planet Gonzo, Tunnel, the fantastic "rolling vocal track" Light on LA and Paris - New York, that was co-written with Avichay Avigal. Abduction is a dancy album, as it has a strong club atmosphere. If judging from his other albums, the fusion of Goa and club trance is mostly felt in this album. A slight resemblance to his Loren - X project on some tracks. Although, with tracks like X-Ray and Abduction, the classic Asia 2001 style is there.

Abduction is Asia 2001's most "main stream" album, and it got some serious plays in NY clubs Roxy, Tunnel and LimeLight.

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