About Avatar

Avatar Records was established in the spring of 1997.
The first release 'Ama Zone' by Asia 2001 was picked up by Sony Music, and became the first psytrance album licensed and released in major Asian countries. Avatar became a subsidiary of NMC Music / Sony Israel. Shortly after that, Sony Music went on and signed a deal with Avatar, and its releases became available worldwide.
Through the years, Avatar has gained a strong reputation, and today stands tall and is recognized as a label of quality that focuses on releasing outstanding sounds and exploring new talents, in addition to releasing original material by established names. Today, Avatar is a fully independent label. Its main musical genres are electronica, trance, ambient, chill and lounge.

Under the umbrella of Avatar are the labels:

Pro File: The classics label of Avatar that features some of the best All Time favorite albums in trance and ambient.
Avatar Spirit: Focuses on lounge, yoga, and spiritual beats. It includes the famous Cafe series, that is known worldwide for its quality releases.

Avatar catalogue includes albums from: : Goa Gil, Nimba, The Nommos, Asia 2001, Overdream, eniChkin, oCeLoT, Thomas Leer, Total Eclipse, Synchro, X-Dream, Psychoz, Toi Doi, Jupiter 8000 / Electric Universe, Cydonia, Prana, GMS, Orion, Celtic Cross, Pete Namlook, Sandman, The Infinity Project, Hux Flux, Argyria, Indoor, Astropilot, Elysium, and more..


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